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With Virtual Home Staging


Virtual Home Staging by Virtual Stage Property presents properties at their very best, getting you more viewings so you can sell property faster as well as saving you significant amounts of time and money over traditional property staging.

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With Virtual Home Staging

The transformation is astonishing. We cannot believe how pictures can be transformed into fully furnished rooms so quickly. It would take a massive amount of time and money to stage these properties, but you guys can do this so quickly and we can change the style and look and feel of the property. An excellent all-round service with total flexibility. Thanks so much!

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What is Virtual Home Staging?

Virtual staging, also called virtual home staging, is a form of property staging where a virtual interior design is created by specialist designers in a software based graphical editor, known as CGI. Virtual home staging allows real estate agents, photographers, and interior designers to stage properties at their best and develop visualisations of ideas using highly realistic images, usually for property marketing purposes.


Starting price per image, inclusive of VAT.

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2D Virtual Staging

2D Virtual Staging / Virtual Furnishing.


2D Virtual Staging is a cost effective way to present unfurnished properties at their very best, helping you sell properties faster and attract better prices.

360 Virtual Staging

Virtually Stage your virtual property tours.


Same as 2D Virtual Staging but adds photorealistic furnishings to 360 Virtual Tours.

Virtual Renovation

Virtually remodel or renovate your property.


Virtual Renovation Staging allows you to visualise interior or exterior designs or prospective buyers to see true potential in a property.


Fix perspective, lighting, remove objects.


Removes unwanted objects, fixes perspective, lens correction, brightness, contrast.

* Car/Caravan removal +£10

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